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a) Jana Snehi Vidyuth Sevegalu (FAST TRACK SERVICES) application can be registered either through online mode or offline at sub-division offices of GESCOM.
b) Jana Snehi Vidyuth Sevegalu (JVS) is applicable to only LT2(a) Domestic & LT3 commercial tariff for loads up to 18KW (excluding 18KW) in respect of the following services:
a) New Connection (both Single & Multiple connections)
b) Tapping Connection for existing building
c) Load Enhancement
c) Load Reduction
NOTE: The following applications are NOT eligible under Janasnehi Vidyuth Sevegalu (JVS):
a) Premises attracting Line extension or modification of Electrical network.
b) The buildings with height exceeding 15 meters and total plinth area exceeding 500 sqmt.
c) Premises requiring Occupancy Certificate
d) The buildings which attracts Clause 9 Conditions of Power Supply.
e) Applications with respect to connections in unauthorised, revenue and abandoned Layouts.
f) HT Category
c) JVS is applicable for following services also:
a) Name Change
b) Tariff Change
d) For Applications:
1) Registered through Online: Photo copy of the documents prescribed as per Clause 4.02(ii) of KERC Regulations shall be submitted along with the original for verification during spot inspection by the field officer.
2) Registered Offline at Sub-division office: Photo copy of the documents prescribed as per Clause 4.02 (ii) of KERC Regulations shall be submitted along with the original for verification at the sub division office.
e) JVS will be provisioned only after complying with the following:
a) In case of New connection ,temporary connection availed if any shall be surrendered
b) In case of existing building , arrears & additional demand charges if any ascertained during spot inspection shall be paid by applicant
c) Payment of all applicable Deposits/charges as per the Clause 4.03 of conditions of power supply regulations of KERC
d) Power supply Agreement as per Clause 32 of CoS by the applicant
e) Contractor's Completion-cum-Test Reports along with wiring diagram as per Clause 4.03 (ii) (d) of CoS.
f) An undertaking should be furnished mandatorily for having installed "Solar Water Heating System" before registration of application in case of new residential buildings with built-up area of 600sq.feet and above, constructed on sites measuring 1200 sq.ft and also with other Conditions as per Clause 4.03 in Conditions of power supply regulations of KERC.
f) If the application is rejected due to non-compliance of the above eligibility criteria/ any modification requested with     respect to the Load, Tariff & Name will not be considered and subjected to rejection of application then except registration & GST amount all other deposits viz., MSD, AISD and Non-revenue charges viz., SLC and ASLC shall be refunded and all the other charges shall be forfeited.
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